Ashida Kim on Fraud

“Your battle gives others hope…”

Guru-Ashida Kim's Hidden Teacher

Follwing are a few excerpts from a trash and bash website that has for years been trying to get rid of me because they are jealous. DON'T GO THERE! If you do you will get a virus called "Backdoor/Frauder" that will corrupt your files.

You will note that we do not link to them nor use their page as a foundation, merely quote some of the passages as permitted by law, "for the purpose of parody, satire, critique or review," because insecure little worms like these love to scream copyright infringement. Even though the picture they use to identify me is stolen from my website and used without permission, Healing Hands of the Ninja, in clear violation of the statute.

They make me out to be the quite a heroic figure, “Ashida Kim personifies, and in many cases ORIGINATED, many of the dishonest and fraudulent tactics that are now taken for granted in the world of martial arts frauds and scam artists.”

I had no idea I was that clever, or so popular that everyone copied me, LOL Perhaps if the trolls who posted this would give examples of some of these secret Ninja techniques it would be more clear who “originated” them.

They begin by "revealing my true identity." As if it were a crime for a Ninja, who, it must be remembered, were the spies who used many covert identities in their feudal Japanese espionage, to have more than one alias. "All Ninja have three names, one they are known by, one they are called, and one they keep secret." Some scholars even speculate that the leaders of the two largest rival Ninja clans of the Golden Age of Ninjitsu, Sasui Sasuke and Hanzo Hattori, were in fact the same person.

“The Ashida Kim saga simply boggles the mind, and his grandiose personality and unbelievable claims seem boundless. His claims skirt the edges of sanity let alone credulity. Thanks to the Internet and his unquenchable need to be heard and noticed, he has left untold treasures-his own words-on web sites the world over. Be forewarned, though…you will need a truck load of hip waders to get through it all.” Is another quote from this anonymous critic.

Perhaps he could indicate where some of these “unbelievable claims” are to support his claim that I have an “unquenchable need to be heard and noticed.” Fact is, except for my own website, Ashida, I don’t recall leaving any “untold treasures — his own words”, anywhere else. So, this kind of looks like another fabrication.

Nor do I "claim rank in many systems", I teach invisibility as a form of self-defense. One simple trick, throw sand in the enemy eyes and run away. The ONLY non-violent martial art in the world. We call it "No Name, No Art" (Mugei Mumei no Jitsu) You can look it up. Of course, Japanese being a language of infinite subtlety and many variations, the phrase can also be read as, "without credentials and not too bright." Hardly a claim to rank in any system. We call it that because we are men of peace who can fight like ten tigers. No one can stand before a handful of sand in the eyes. And, once blinded, the enemy is at your mercy. So, you must be humble and have compassion, because the taking of a life does no one honor. I was awarded the honorary rank of Judan, Black Belt 10th Degree in this system by my martial arts brothers at our annual gathering in Lexington KY in November 2016. Lexington 2017

"I did not ask for it, they did for me out of respect. Something the poster knows nothing about: neither friends nor respect. But, the interesting point is that this post was put up in September 2016, a couple of months BEFORE I received this honorarium. So, it is obviously a lie, grown out of hatred and jealousy. And, I never claimed to "be the heir to Count Dante's legacy." Merely one of the people who was privileged to meet him and train in his unique system, of self-defense. For which there is no rank, by the way. Hands of Death

"Kim is the author of dozens of ninjitsu (his spelling of Ninjutsu) books, including a series of “erotic” books (with himself as the main character, of course)." First, let me point out that Andrew Adams in his book Ninja-The Invisible Assassins, spells the name of this art with an "I" instead of a "U." And, that Jujitsu for decades has been spelled with an "I" instead of a "U" so, I am not "misspelling" anything. At least, not unless all these other people are as well, LOL

And, even though it is true that I have written dozens of books, many on topics other than Ninjitsu, there is only one "erotic" novel. The story of one of my many trips to South Africa. It only has a little sex in it and was modified long ago because it was going to be a screenplay, until the regime changed and the production company that was going to produce it was forced to close. Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim

I did post a $10,000 Challenge long ago, much like the Gracie brothers did for their Brazilian Jujitsu. No one seemed to object when they did it. Guess I'm just too scary, LOL I used to try and meet some of these bums who thought I couldn't fight and challenged me online. Went to at least a dozen "throwdowns" where the other fellow never showed up and then claimed victory because they had tricked me into wasting my time and money. So, I just pitched the ball back into their court. If they want to see me fight, they must put up the cash. So far there have been no takers.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this review. I was informed about this website by one of my many agents all over the world. I have had people offer to go after these critics and beat them up, for they are, after all, just internet bullies who need a lesson in manners. But, that is not the Christian thing to do. Instead, I forgive them. They are just small, bitter, angry little children seeking attention. There are much larger problems in the world to deal with than their petty jealousy.

Will Rogers once said, "I never met a man I didn't like." Neither have I. The problem, you see, is that none of these people have ever met me.

From Precepts for a Peaceful Warrior, by Ch'onsa Kim:

The Warrior strives to reach above himself, his false perceptions, his adversaries... His highest achievement is not one of victory, but one of absolute truth.

Have compassion for all beings, causing them no unnecessary hurt, nor needless harm.

Refrain from needless competitiveness, from contriving for self-advantage, and from subjugating others.

When accepting authority over others, know also that you accept responsibility for their well being.

Value true friendship, and fulfill your obligations, rather than striving with egotistical motive.

– Ch'onsa Kim

To this end we let go our vengeance, justified or not. We do not forgive, nor forget. We seek only to better ourselves by following the Way. In so doing, we learn the lessons of the past, without allowing them to burden us, so that we are prepared for the undiscovered country, the future.

It is said, "the mood of the warrior is waiting for the enemy to appear." The mood of the Ninja is also waiting; waiting for something wonderful to happen. May you find your own Way as pleasant.

I remain,
Ashida Kim