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The Annual Black Dragon Fighting Society Gathering

Friday 13 October 2017

Martial artists from all over the country began to arrive at the Clarion Hotel on Boonesboro Road in Lexington on Thursday. Old friends met, exchanged phone numbers and information about how they had been since the last Gathering of our elite fellowship.

Ashida Kim was one of the first to arrive, and the last to leave.

Friday evening: Military Service Award Ceremony by Douglas Day

      POW Table                            Grandmaster Jimmy Mc            Sensei Greene Recieving the Honors Award    

The Military Service Awards Program was founded Douglas Day (Dr. Lawrence Day’s Brother). It recognizes veterans of all branches for their military service to our country in a beautiful program that includes presentation of the colors by military Honor Guard, inspirational music and video. These awards are given for a loved one, family or friend on current Active Duty, Veteran of any service time and for Deceased veterans. This is primarily for family members to have a beautiful keepsake. Each Veteran receives a Certificate from the Governor of the state commissioning them an Official Kentucky Colonel, as well as certificates from the House of Representatives, the Senate and other Congressional Officials. This is truly a means of saying “Thank You” to our veterans for their service.

Saturday: 14 October 2017

Saturday saw eight hours of awesome seminars by Grandmasters and Masters from all over the nation, and beyond. Anti-Bullying, Combatives, Ninjutsu, Karate and other Martial Arts modality seminars. Saturday evening there was an all inclusive, all you can eat, dinner buffet catered by Rafferty's, a well known dining establishment in the Lexington area. Guests, families, and friends, martial artists, regardless of participation, gathered at the River of Life Church for an evening of camraderie and fine dining. All the members of the Society came together once again to make this event a success.

Those who attended the seminars were served gratis, and recieved a discount on any merchandise sold at the event. Membership has its perks!

Many changes and competition will be coming soon whereby all members of the brotherhood will grow and prosper. Our membership is our greatest asset and resource. Working together we can accomplish the great work that binds us together of preserving, practicing, and promoting the martial arts. Because we believe that martial arts are the best method of teaching self-worth, of honor, respect, skill, ability and the lessons of life that we have learned. We welcome all regardless of style or system. We do not tell you you must do anything. We do not tell you you can't do anything. We ask only that you do not speak ill of a fellow Black Belt. In this way we can speak with one voice and have a positive influence on our world.

Among our membership are experts not only in the Way of the Empty Hand, but also of such weapons as the Nunchaka, Sword, Staff, Shuriken, Sai, Tonfa, Chain and Sickle, Archery, Halberd, Hanbo, Yawara, Tanto, Steel Whip, Meteor Hammer, and Retrievable Stone. Many contemporary members are also skilled in the use of firearms and pyrotechnics and trained in the Art of Commando Warfare and Survival Skills. Many are veterans of America's many wars. That is why we honor them each year.

First up Saturday was the Adaptive Martial Arts seminar featuring Taekwondo Grandmaster Jay Blanton, author of "Prevailing Against Bullies, My Life Story," and Director of our nationwide Anti-Bullying Program; Master Larry McFadden, President of Black Lotus Martial Arts System BLMAA headed by Grandmaster Don Miskel; and Tim Broussard, author of "Master of the Ghost Palm;" teaching techniques that could be used by those wheelchair bound or in some other way have a condition that might be considered a disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat or self-defense. "Never underestimate your opponent!" was the lesson of the day. He who looks like a helpless victim, just might be waiting to take out his anger and frustration on someone.

Master Broussard with Grandmaster Furie and the Projectile Combatives Team

Grandmaster Kim presented the traditional Kata Dante seminar, without doubt the most savage and terrifying self-defense form known to man. Twenty-seven of the deadliest Poison Hand techniques ever devised by the mind of man, each one of which is guaranteed to kill, cripple or maim any opponent. Kata Dante is not for the squeamish or weak at heart. The effecive execution time of this practice for is five seconds. It teaches every major fist found in most martial arts styles. It teaches every vital and fatal point of the human body and how to strike them to inflict the most damage. It is therefore simple, effective, easy to learn and perfect for self-defense because it relies on the opponent coming forward and meeting him halfway, rather an advancing and setting in motion the pattern of one's own destruction. It was the signature technique Count Juan Raphael Dante, founder of the American chapter of the Black Dragon Fighting Society in the sixties. It is not required that every member of the Society learn it, but many have added it to their repitoire of techniques because of its historical context.

          Tiger Claw the Ear                                       Break the Elbow                           Break the Spine                

The Ground Fighting seminar by Master Daniel Howard was based on his experience as a Harlan County Detention Officer battling convicted felons who regularly practice the techniques they see on televised UFC matches and provided practical insight into the strategy and tactics of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

Master Daniel Howard                                                         Detention Officer Howard

Next up were the Knife Fighting Drills and Defenses taught by the East Coast Legion of Grandmaster David Furie.

Grandmaster Furie and the East Coast Legion with Dr. Miskel and Ashida Kim

He was ably assisted by Grandmaster Ali, senior student of Ninjitsu Master Ron Duncan in demonstrating both attack and defensive methods of the Yawara, or "priest's thunderbolt."

And, by Master Everton Kelly who added many details and techniques to the presentation. Knife Fighting Drills and Defenses

Grandmaster Irving Soto                                                                                      In Action                                                 

Grandmaster Irving Soto provided an excellent variety of locks holds and throws during his time teaching Military Combatives.

Grandmaster Sky Benson and Hanshi Frank Dux

Grandmaster Sky Benson, highly skilled and trained in Dux Ryu Martial Sciences, provided instruction in Reality Check. A short course in dealing with everyday confrontations. Pointing out that real martial artists who are highly trained and skilled seldom attack you on the street. Therefore, simplicity and effectiveness of technique were often the key to quick and easy success. While also demonstrating many hidden techniques that could insure survival on the streets. Reminding us "Not to let Dojo schooling get in the way of your education as a fighter."

Master Will Schnieder Induction Ceremony

Master Will Schnieder of Elite Martial Arts and Fitness in Richmond KY presented an excellent Krav Maga program later in the day. Afterward, in his own words, "Got a pleasant surprise on Saturday. Was inducted as a member of the Black Dragons Fighting Society! Big thanks to Donald Miskel, Wes Ruiz, Jimmy Mc, Ashida Kim, Douglas Day and all the group."

In all, there were seven such inductions at this year's Gathering. Adding to the wealth of talent and techniques available to our membership.

Jeff Poledore and Don Miskel          Grandmaster Miskel, Hank Williams, Capt. Don Miskel

The final seminar of the day was on Police Combatives as taught by Grandmaster Miskel's son, Captain Don Miskel and his partner, Jeff Poledore, that included weapon retention techniques as well as restraint methods and escaping from locks and holds. The entire assembly greatly enjoyed their light-hearted presentation of these often desperate encounters and the good humor and detailed explanations with which they provided instruction.

Saturday Evening

At dinner Saturday evening two more new members were added to our fellowship and Grandmaster Ruiz was inducted into our Hall of Fame by the assembled membership.

Alan Day, Irving Soto, Steve Day, Sky Benson, Jimmy Mc, Dr. Miskel, Ashida Kim, Wes Ruiz

Sunday: 15 October 2017

Dr. Miskel at Grandmaster Day's Gravesite

Sunday morning we caravaned to the resting place of Dr. Lawrence Day who had so long ago trained with Count Dante and taught Frank Dux the Tibetan Burning Palm, who had kept the faith alive and restored our martial arts fraternity to its former glory in the Year of the Dragon 2012 shortly before his passing. It was his example that led us and held us together over the many long years underground and hidden from the world. As adults and martial artists, we met in fellowship and brotherhood. From all over the country we came, a gathering of martial arts skill and ability, Masters and Grandmasters all of the most ancient and honorable Black Dragon Fighting Society, come to share their knowledge and good will, to see old friends again, to talk and eat and laugh and train in the martial arts; to carry on the tradition and legacy he had shared with us.

Once again, our patriarch and spiritual leader Dr. Miskel inspired us with his words of praise and noble example, reminding us of the tremendous resposibility we carry as the keepers of the secret knowledge of Fa Jing, Dim Mak, and the techniques of deadly mortal combat, that we might remain humble and proud of all we have done and accomplished to be worthy of the memory of our great mentor and teacher.

The Fellowship Assembled

As our host, Grandmaster Wes Ruiz, said so well, "We are honored to represent over 1400 years of Martial Arts tradition. We invite you to share our commitment and dedication to the history and knowledge of our ancestral Grandmasters. Let today be a new beginning of enlightenment in your Martial Arts voyage." So let it be written, so let it be done.



Ashida Kim
American Representative
DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

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