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Legend of the Ninja Security Poster

         Once upon a time, in Lakeland Florida, there was an attempted robbery and shooting near a residential Day Care and Middle School. The police sealed off the area and told everyone to remain indoors while they searched for the shooter. The school was placed on "lock-down" for the first time in its history. Hardly anyone knew what to do. They had talked about such an event, and planned for it, even had a few mock drills. But, when the time came, here was a lot of confusion and fear among the teachers, not being sure how to proceed, and among the students.
         Just so happened that one of the teachers was a friend of Ashida Kim. She told her class not to worry, that if anything happened he would come and rescue her, and by extension, them as well. Most of them knew what a Ninja was, and some had even heard of Master Kim, so they were reassured and remained calm throughout the crisis, while others huddled in darkened classrooms, crying and afraid.
         When it was all over and everyone was safe, the teacher related the story to her friends who eventually told it to Master Kim. Some of the children didn't believe their teacher could be friends with a real Ninja Master. So, she asked for an autographed picture to prove her claim. Instead she received a facsimile of the Ninja Security Poster used by Shihan Barry Pictor and the South African Ninjitsu Federation to warn potential ne'er-do-wells that their clients had armed themselves with agents and alarms and the force of retribution, and were thus protected from harm and kept safe from danger.
         Once the poster was hung on the wall, the anxiety and psychological trauma created by the "lock-down" experience began to fade and the school returned to normal. Student self-confidence was restored and pleasure of learning and playing with friends once again filled the halls and playground.
         We're not saying this poster will scare away all the thieves and robbers in the world. We're just saying that if they see it, they might wonder if you really know a Ninja that would come after them. Remember, "We never give up, we never surrender, and we never forget." And, that might just give them pause enough to go somewhere else.

         There is an old joke about Ninja Security: One night a burglar broke into well-to-do estate looking to purloin various items for his own financial benefit. At one point he crept into the master's office, seeking, no doubt, a safe or strongbox. As he inched his way in the dark across the carpeted floor he heard a voice saying, "Ninja are watching you..."
         Crouching and looking quickly about, he saw no one. In a minute he relaxed and resumed his search. Then he heard it again, near the desk, "Ninja are watching you..."
        He dared turn on his flashlight and scan the room. There it was! On the desk, a parrot, rocking slowly back and forth on its perch. When the light hit him, he repeated his menacing threat. "Ninja are watching you..."
        The robber merely laughed. "There ain't no Ninja in here, you stupid bird!" He said defiantly.
        Then, from beside the desk, a low growl was heard and a large Bull Mastiff hound raised his head and stood up to aim himself at the burglar. "Git 'im, Ninja!" said the parrot.

         All over the interent there are pictures of room, caves, skyscrapers and so on with the inscription beneath them: "There are ten Ninja in this picture, see if you can spot them..." Of course, there are none, it's just a joke, pretending to be a puzzle. Or is it? Just sayin'

         CUT and PASTE this poster by right-clicking and selecting COPY from the Menu then PASTE the image in your PICTURES File. Good Luck!


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