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The evening of October 11th, 2019, the 14th Day of the 9th Month, Chinese Year of the Boar 4717, began with the Annual Meeting of the Patriarch Council and the Board of Directors. Hosted by Head of Family Rev./Dr. Don Miskel and Chairman Grandmaster Jimmy McMurtrie.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society is a world renowned fraternity of martial artists open to all styles and systems, dedicated to the fighting arts and health systems of Gung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chuan-Fa, Kempo, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Shaolin Temple Boxing, Shotokan, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Isshin-Ryu, Aikido, Wu Shu, Wado-Ryu, Jeet Kune Do, American Eclectic Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Kickboxing, Ninjitsu, Jujitsu, Shorinji-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Judo, Yoga, and Qi Gong.

Among our membership are experts not only in the Way of the Empty Hand, but also of such weapons as the Nunchaka, Sword, Staff, Shuriken, Sai, Tonfa, Chain and Sickle, Archery, Halberd, Hanbo, Yawara, Tanto, Steel Whip, Meteor Hammer, and Retrievable Stone. Contemporary members are also skilled in the use of firearms and pyrotechnics and trained in the Art of Commando Warfare and Survival Skills.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society exists to serve as a congress of martial artists and confederation of independent agents for the purpose of preserving, practicing, studying and teaching the martial arts.

The exact membership, training procedures and occult teachings are closely guarded secrets of the brotherhood; who are sworn to a vow of silence and bound together by an initiation ceremony of blood.

GRANDMASTER WES RUIZ demonstrated some of the techniques of his Art from 7-8 p.m.

"My Martial Art is about family, about survival, about getting involved, teaching and learning. GOD bless all of you and never let go of your dreams, pursue your goals and be happy. Kiru-Do is a Healing and Martial Art that uses well known and not so well known  Martial Art techniques and healing methods developed following my blood line of Taino Indians from Puerto Rico. These techniques were designed to enhance your opportunities to survive  and live one more day."


Hanshi Broussard is a Godan, Black Belt 5th Degree in Komuso Ryu Ninjitsu with a Ph.D. in Martial Science. He has written four books on the esoteric and philosophical aspects of martial arts.

Ninja Magick introduces the student to the Five Elemental Animal symbols used to contemplate and explore the hidden nature of combative techniques. His insight and explanation offered here is a doorway to the mystic realm of Magick, where all things are possible.

Revelations of the Black Lotus delves more deeply into the philosophy of the Shadow Warriors to explore the means and methods of self-actualization by which the Invisible Assassins of feudal Japan became legend. “It is not by technique that the world is changed, it is by Will alone. Here are the tools with which to forge that Will and claim the Secret Sword as your own emblem of power and strength. The true Path cannot be found, it must be forged.

Master of the Ghost Fist, is an instructional text in esoteric Ninjitsu, and a personal biography and a chronicle of the intense journey of one who has found the Way. It includes the principles for application of Dim Mak, the Poison Hand techniques that enable a Master to kill, cripple or maim with fingertip pressure.

In Way of the Black Wind, he moves from the sorcerer-assassin archetype, as per Ninja Magick, and using seeming occult lore to conceal martial teachings, as per Revelations of the Black Lotus, toward the archetype of a mystic with both martial and magickal options.

For video of Hanshi Broussard's presentation the Evading Shadow Form of Komuso Ryu Ninjitsu CLICK HERE!

His is an old soul, wise and knowing beyond his years. He was born in turmoil and raised in chaos, until he embraced it and made it his own.

“There are many,” he would tell you, “Who have worse stories than mine. But the world cares not for what storms you have weathered. Only if you brought your ship home safe.” For more information go to

SENSEI ASHIDA KIM finished off the evening with a guided meditation exercise.

Secret Ninja Alchemy Alchemy is the Science of Transformation...Some believe that this means turning lead into gold, and they are correct. But, it is not a key to instant riches. Because it is not the metal lead which will be changed into gold, although this is atomically possible, but rather the base elements of the Self, and the Body which will be transmuted to a higher level. This will insure Good Health andLongevity.

"People ask why we practice these techniques. Because living well and helping others the ultimate goal of all martial arts. Sooner or later, if you keep training long enough, you will come to the stage where you want to heal people. Sometimes this is because you think youhave hurt someone and you want to "pay off that karma." Sometimes it is a simple act of kindness and generosity. Regardless of why, almost all senior martial artists are skilled at treating and healing phsical and emotional injuries. The key is self-knowledge, learned in meditation."

For video of this class CLICK HERE!


First up for seminars Saturday morning was HANSHI TIM WHITE.

Hanshi Tim White, 9th Dan Keisatsu Jujutsu, began his martial arts journey while he was in the military at age 17. He started with Master Wesley Quinois Ruiz for two years util Mr. Ruiz went to New York.

Hanshi White then studied Tae Kwon Do while stationed in Germany. Upon his arrival home, Hanshi White met Grandmaster Felix Wong.

Master Wong was Mr. White’s instructor for over ten years in the Molum System, in which he has attained the rank of Master Instructor.

Master Wong continues to mentor Hanshi White.

In 1979, Hanshi White met Shihan Dan O’Nan, 9th Dan, and studied Okkuky-Ryu Jujutsu until 1984.

It was during this time that he created the system Keisatsu Jujutso, developed for Law Enforcement Officers as a practical self-defense system they could use within their force continuum.

Hanshi White is very active in the Molum System and Keisatsu Jujutsu.

In 1981 Mr. White returned to active military service ending a successful 23 year career in 1995.

Mr. White is also a certified Police Defense Tactics Instructor and an authorized training provider for the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

Hanshi White is in the Indiana Guard Reserve, has worked at Police Services International and studied at the Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Molum Combat Arts Association

Second on line was SENIOR MASTER DAN HOWARD.

Master Howard is a Hachidan, Black Belt 8th Degree in Gyodokan Kempo Karate and founder of Howard Family Martial Arts. He has also trained in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

His "no-nonsense" approach to practical martial arts had led him to develop his own Gyodokan Kempo system of self-defense.

“Secret martial arts techniques do not exist. If your teacher does not work out hard and work you hard you need to leave that place because you are being lied to. It does not matter if they say their "authentic" lineage is from some mystical Asian master. How do they train? If the kids classes look like a day is a day care!”

DR. DON MISKEL presented the next program..

"Dim Mak, the Delayed Death Touch depends on many different variables. Time of day, angle of the strike, amount of force used. Most people don't have time to learn all that, so I use a simplified version of the pressure point techniques.

Basically, if he can't see, he can't fight. For that reason many of my techniques are directed toward the face and eyes of the opponent.

Number Two, if he can't breathe, he can't fight. This includes any technique to the neck or upper body that is designed to knock the wind out of the opponent.

Third, if he can't walk, he can't fight. So, we practice kicks to the shin, knee, inner thigh, ankle, any part of the leg that is vulnerable to attack that will prevent the enemy from standing and fighting back."

Dr. Miskel began his studies of the martial arts in 1957 at the Washington Park, Chicago Park District field house where he took Judo and boxing. In 1959 he began studying Judo and Kano Jiu Jitsu under Mas Tamura at the Jiu Jitsu Institute in downtown Chicago. In the mid sixties he studied Shotokan Karate under Shojiro Sugiyama. In about 1965 he began Studying Shorei Goju Karate under Sensei Doug Dwyer at the 'Academy of Samurai Warriors' on West 63rd Street in Chicago. Dr. Miskel received his first black belt in Chinese Kempo (Chaun Fa) and Chinese Kuntao while in the service. He also had an opportunity to study and rank in several other martial arts while in Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines and in South East Asia during his stint in the military. While on leave after his first Tour in Viet Nam he trained with Sensei Doug Dwyer at his dojo and his black belt was recognized by the World Karate Federation. In the early seventies, upon leaving the military, he trained with John Keehan on West Ashland Avenue in Chicago. He is one of the few remaining original students of Count Dante.

Next up, HANSHI FRANK DUX lectured on the history and legacy of the Kumite.

How, for centuries, such competitions had been used a recruiting centers for military intelligence and espionage agencies all over the world. San Soo international martial arts tournament that brought champions from all over the world to compete in No-Holds-Barred competition to determine who indeed was the best of the best were the natural evolution of the closed Chinese Death Matches that had been held between Wu Shu masters on the mainland for centuries. In these matches participants were required to sign "death warrants" so that if they were crippled or killed their opponents could not be held legally responsible.

All nations, styles and systems were welcome. Masters were so expert that they fought with live weapons as well as Hand-to-Hand.

Martial artists of many nations convened a great meeting and agreed to hold such matches again. Not for the paltry political gain of their nations, but rather for themselves. True warriors understand that martial arts are not about fighting. They are about becoming a better person so that we can help others. It is true that one is empowered by learning the combative techniques of self-defense, real martial arts also include, and many begin, with exercises and healing methods. In this way the patience of the student is tested and he is only given information that can help him. The power of life and death is not handed out lightly. There are many levels of skill and training. By competing against one another we discover ourselves and perfect our art. Thus, the International Fighting Arts Association was formed.

The 1988 film, Bloodsport, portrays the true life exploits of IFAA Official BDFS original member Frank Dux. It depicts how the IFAA/Kokuryukai Black Dragons sponsor the events along with the existence of its past champion Senzo Tanaka, who is referenced in historical documents and paid homage in this film and Fearless. The Black Dragon Senzo Tanaka is renown throughout the inner circle of martial arts for putting an end to the Hou Yuanjia fighting dynasty whereby the event name is transformed from “San Soo” to “The Kumite.” Its prior historical origins can be traced back to the Mongolian nomadic tribes of Genghis Khan then known as “Bandizo” and before that to the ancient Greeks, then known as Pancrantium. In theory, spread through the conquest of Asia by the Macedonian King, Alexander The Great.

The Black Dragon’s victories secured a language change that gave rise to the notion to become a “Black Dragon Fighting Society” member meant gaining entrance into an exclusive fraternal order of “the best of the best” in martial arts. One fights for acceptance and competes without expectation of financial compensation.

This is the noble mission for which we strive, the preservation, practice and promotion of the martial arts.

GRANDMASTER SKY BENSON continued the educational program.

"My passion in the martial arts began at a young age and I have kept the rules of warriorship with me throughout my life. The one thing I think separates me from the rest is I give from my heart and knowledge I’ve learned freely with no need of compensation, I believe in passing my knowledge freely without the distention of having to pay to learn, if you want to learn I am happy to teach, this is what I was taught and I will pay it forward. This is my life not a job or way for me to make a living it is what makes me happy and fulfilled, knowing I could help someone save theirs or a love ones life is all the reason I need to make it all worth while, this you can not replace with money.

I have learned many great things from many Grandmasters and have complete respect for all art forms of the Martial Way.

I am proud to be a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and it would be my privilege to help anyone who seeks knowledge in the Science of this wonderful world we call Martial Arts."

Grandmaster Benson currently owns and operates a Dux Ryu Dojo in California.

GRANDMASTER IRVING SOTO honored as Martial Artist of the Year 2019.

Grandmaster Soto is a well known and respected martial artist of long standing. He was inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, GGMF, Soke council in San Diego, November 28, 1998, for pioneer award and innovator in the martial arts science. And later into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Toronto, Canada. Budo Magazine International America Hall of Fame, 2006 held in New York City 06/17/2006, sponsored by Budo International and presented by Maurice Elmalem Enterprises, also recognizes his accoplishments and credentials.

Garandmaster Soto is a member of the World Professional Martial Arts Organization with Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks, founder of WPMAO, 2006 Hall of Fame held at Madison Square Garden. World Professional Martial Arts Organization with Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks, founder of WPMAO, 2005 Hall of Fame held at Madison Square Garden inducted Grandmaster Irving Soto as "World Renown Instructor and Demonstrator and World Champion"

He is a U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Correction tactical defense instructor. A New York City Sheriff's Office, Senior Tactical Defense Instructor and Director in Charge, deputy sheriff police. Grandmster Soto has been contracted by the Department of Defense, U. S. police as a tactical defense instructor, and taught at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Police Academy. Grandmaster Soto received an award from Col. John T. Wright, US Army Deputy Installation Commander, APG for teaching military personnel, civilians and police officers at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

He has been honored by the former mayor of San Diego, Mayor Susan Golding, with the Excellent Community Service Award, Special Commendation. And by the mayor of Hollywood, Mayor Johnny Grant, be presentation of the Excellent Community Service Award, Special Commendation.

Grandmaster Soto has been training for 52 years in jujitsu, aiki-jujitsu and atemi. He is the winner of 3000 trophies, Holder of 4 World Championship Belts, and Author of 5 books. He holds 39 high-ranking black belts and 8 masteries in martial arts science. Grandmaster Soto is currently a police officer for the U.S. government, Department of Defense with Homeland Security. His seminars are among the finest examples of martial skill help set the standard to which we aspire.

SOKE MICHAEL ROBINSON Okami Sumika Ryu-Wolf Den Ninjitsu.

Soke Michael Robinson is the founder of his own system Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo, earning various Hall of Fame awards and recognition. This Family System of “Kinjo Sensei” is a functional progressive blend of five base arts corresponding to the five elements of creation. The Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo style is privately taught only transmitted to family or those otherwise initiated. It was designed to be a family treasure containing martial as well as spiritual arts and practices. We work to maintain a combat orientated martial art (Self Preservation) while providing the student various points of initiation in order to work towards wholeness (Self perfection). Master Robinson holds yudansha (Black Belt) or equivalent in each of the arts that make up the core of the system. DOJOPRESS has been commissioned to release the “Okami Sumika-Wolf’s Den Ninjutsu” style as taught within the Makoto Kinjo Ryu.

The martial arts are about self-discovery not different from other pursuits of the soul such as music, spirituality, or creative writing. They are facets of the whole and it is in this intention that we must approach our training and our lives. Our Budo program is very intense and complete. By covering all ranges of combat in the physical realm and more importantly methods for dealing with conflict of the mental and spiritual realms we work towards wholeness.

TRIADIC MARTIAL ARTS "Holistic Warrior Arts" for those who wish to go beyond the self-made or imposed walls that limit our true potential!

GRANDMASTER LARRY McFADDEN Master teacher and martial artist .

Master Larry McFadden began his martial arts career in 1983. The first system he studied was Fu Jow Dow Kung Fu (Master Brian Gordon) achieving the rank of 1st Black Sash in 1986 and 2nd Degree Black Sash in 1988. He studied Jiu-jitsu under Sensei Steve Silvas (1988-1992). He continued to practice and study Kung Fu and Jiu-jitsu independently and pursued studies in Kenpo, Jujitsu and eclectic martial arts. He firmly believes in the concept that a person should have a thousand teachers, and they should be funneled into one teacher, the student himself. There should be respect for all teachers and systems, but the ultimate responsibility for growth lies with the person who receives the information. He continues to practice and pursue studies of the martial arts. Currently President of the Black Lotus Martial Arts Association working with Grandmaster Donald Miskel,

He studied several weapons including Bo Staff, Cane, Knife, Sword, Kubaton, Rifle and Pistol. He has a particular interest in everyday items used as weapons. These include such items as hardware and gardening tools. Master McFadden has founded two systems, Kan Balam (Golden Jaguar) Yucatan Animal Kung Fu (4th Degree Black Sash) is recognized by VKA Kenseiryu International, Golden Tiger martial Arts Association (Master Peter Lee), and several other organizations. Leopard Claw Stree Martial Arts System (5th Dan) is recognized by the SKKA Martial Arts Association, Sifu Quoc Tran’s organizations, Shinja Martial Arts Association, Flynn Ju-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling Association and Dragon Martial Arts Association.

Grandmaster McFadden demonstrated some of the personal techniques he practices in his daily workout. Part of his training is the practice of fists. By slowly performing each fist technique in traditional Horse Stance one learns the deeper meaning and mechanics of each technique. A Tiger Claw, for example, does not follow the same path as the Snake Head Strike. Yet each has its application and methodology that make them effective.


The evening's ceremonies included the induction of new members, from Sensei Bev Channer's Dojo in Nebraska, Lynette Hart and Billy Quintana. Grandmaster Irving Soto was presented with our martial Artist of the Year award and Ceremonial sword of Honor and Merit for his contributions and service to our brotherhood. Plaque and certificate presentations for their Honorable Service to our Nation to Dr. Miskel, Hanshi Dux, and Grandmaster Soto. This year, Doug Day was also awarded a plaque for his Honorable Service to the Veterans of our Nation with the Military Honors Ceremony he has hosted thousands of times in the last few years to honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Spirit Awards were presented to other members who have contributed greatly to our cause with their time and indulgence.

For video of the Awards Ceremony, CLICK HERE!


Was our traditional Open Mat and Discussion period. Following by the annual pilgrimage to resting place of our great Master. The words of Dr.Miskel inspired us once again to join together in the spirit of good fellowship and brotherhood, governed by mutual respect and admiration. To honor our teachers, to remember what they taught us, to strive to be like the examples they set for us to follow, to preserve the martial arts tradition that binds us together. To meet and train and share what we have learned, no rank, no style, no color, no politics, no show-offs. Just martial artists who love what they do and believe it makes a difference. Governed by a single edict of Grandmaster Lawrence Day, "The First General Order at the Black Dragon Fighting Society is-Check your ego at the door. We are not here to boast or brag or argue. We are here to practice and learn. Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Black Belt. I am a Black Dragon, always have been, always will be."

May you find your Way as pleasant.



Ashida Kim
American Representative
DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

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