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Ashida Kim on the history and future of Ninjitsu

Ninja Statue Koka City, Japan

In Koka City, Japan, when you get off the train, there is a statue of a Ninja waiting to greet you. This is the home of all real Ninjitsu, a city that has been known for centuries as the City of Healing. They encompass many disciplines there, including the cultivation and export of moxa/mugwort, Yoga, massage, Qi Gong, acupuncture, Kuatsu  or Judo resuscitation techniques and so on. They only became the most feared spies and assassins in feudal history, and remain legend today, because they were attacked by jealous political forces who sought to impose absolute power over the entire island nation.

Because of their medical knowledge, they were able to defeat any opponent using Dim Mak (Poison Hand, Delayed Death Touch) and break bricks with their bare hands using Qi Gong. Before those days and after they were gone, the sages of the foundation arts of healing would leave their places of learning and go into the 36th Chamber, the Dojo (school) of the world. There they would seek out kingdoms and empires where the people were happy and well fed. When they found such places, they would approach the local warlord or ruler and offer to teach him the secrets of longevity, so that his kingdom might endure and his people prosper. This is our true mission, we call it the Great Work.

Sensei Ashida Kim performing the Healing of Self and Others Mudra of Kuji Kiri

I am honored that so many of you over the years have found my humble literary efforts of some value and thank you for sharing your friendship with me. We have an online Qi Gong Healing Course and many books and DVDs on healing and massage, our grandmasters regularly travel and give seminars on Healing Hands and the Longevity Exercises. We have many associates in this field and would be glad to network with you. This is our goal, to help as many people as possible by sharing what we have learned. So that good deeds will spread out like the ripples on a pond and cover the whole Earth.

We offer an online Therapeutic Qi Gong Course and have many books and DVDs on Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Good Health and Longevity. Our grandmasters regularly travel and give seminars on Healing Hands and Longevity Exercises. We have many associates in this field and would be glad to network with anyone willing to join us in this noble cause

Ashida Kim
American Representative
DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts

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