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Under this Program, Guest Instructors are provided to a Host Dojo for a specific Training Syllabus agreed upon by the Parties to the Contract.

Or, Students travel to DOJO Facilities for Instruction and/or Certification by member Sensei of the Black Dragon Ninja Society for tuition.

Or, Member Agents of the Society are dispatched to carry out sanctioned operations of the Brotherhood.

  • The Average Seminar has between 30-50 Students, a subscription of $100-$500 (depending on topic covered), and runs two 8-Hour consecutive days. This is to accommodate the normal work schedule of most commercial Dojo students.
  • The Guest Instructor agrees to provide Two 4-Hour Instructional Periods, or One 8-Hour Day with an hour break for lunch, on the selected topic. And, is certified by the Black Dragon Ninja Society to be of sufficient skill, rank, and experience to be qualified for this assignment. Guest Instructors receive $350/day + 10% of all sales and receipts above $1000. This provision is instituted to not take advantage of Sensei who may host smaller seminars or prefer private instruction. While insuring that the Guest Sensei is not abused as well. At Seminars with more than 30 Students, the Host Dojo will provide an Assistant Instructor for each ten additional students or additional Guest Sensei will be provided.
  • The Host Dojo also provides all Transportation and Accommodations to and from the Seminar Site by means amenable to both parties. It is not our intention to unnecessarily burden the Host Dojo with extravagant or excessive expenses. Some Instructors have, however, had to travel overseas on airlines that were not of the highest safety standard or by military transport. Therefore, the cost and means of transportation must, to be fair, be an agreeable consideration. Likewise, Guest Instructors do not require accommodations in Five-Star Hotels. Neither should they be asked to sleep in a barn; which has happened before. All meals and entertainment expenses for the Guest Instructor are, of course, tax deductible for the Host Dojo.
  • This is the standard High Intens ity Training program format. And, has a correlation for the Individual Student.

  • Under the WEEKENDER Program, Students are provided transport from the Orlando International Airport to the DOJO Facilities for two days of High Intensity Training in their selected style, system or weapon by a Certified Instructor of the DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts. Food and lodging are provided. Not a Five-Star Hotel, but not a tent in the woods either. Unless that is part of the program. Rates begin at $350/day, but again, it is not our intent to place a financial burden on the sincere student. Fees depend largely on the nature of the material to be taught, and the distance traveled. Overseas Students, for example, usually stay longer and are discounted accordingly.
  • This program is available to single students or groups of 3-5. More than that is considered a Seminar Camp requiring separate logistics.

  • Lastly, one or more Agents of the The DOJO may be contracted by sanctioned agencies for specific assignments, such as Bodyguard, Courier, Security or Military Consultant, for a Fee beginning at $350/day + travel and expenses, negotiated by the Society.

Students seeking private instruction and certification, Sensei wishing to serve as Host Dojo, or Black Belt Members wishing to enlist in the Training and Apprenticeship Program should contact:

P.O. Box 209
Lake Alfred, Florida 33850-0209 USA

or by E-Mail to:

Training Camps-

We offer intensive, challenging, realistic, non-traditional Martial Arts as well as traditional Martial Arts including Jui-jutsu, Kendo, Judo and Grappling as well as Ninjutsu. All camp programs include Trainingand Lodging.

This is an intensive quality Martial Arts Training program. We offer 1and 2 week programs with training, food, and lodging provided and a specific and different focus each month. These 2-Week camps are structured and organized, easy to learn, and remember.

Price 1800.00 USD per person per week. Stays for 3 or more weeks are 1500.00 USD per person per week.

Our CURRICULUM is a blend of traditional and modern martial arts covering a broad range of training including:

*Taihenjutsu: The Art of break falling, tumbling, leaping and evading sudden attacks without injury.

*Dakentaijutsu: The Art of Striking, kicking, muscle attacking and bone breaking.

*Jutaijutsu: Grappling, throwing and joint locking techniques.

*Weapons: training including sword, stick/staff, knife, rope, chain.

Modern applications such as defense against knife attacks, gun retention and disarms, and how to use ordinary and modern weapons such as the asp for protection integrated with Military and police tactical CQC applications armed and unarmed techniques.

What makes training in American Ninjutsu different than say the more traditional systems of Ninjutsu? First and foremost, even though grounded in tradition we have a modern approach that is more appropriate for the demands of a warrior in the 21st century. We attempt to take the base of Ninjutsu and make it more appropriate for modern times.

Our techniques are tried and true tested techniques our training is real and utilizes techniques that work by implementing an attacker’s reaction to your action. For example if an attacker pulls a knife or a gun, he is not going to stand still and let you take it from him. We try and factor in what the attacker may do once you have gone for his weapon. Does he pull back or jerk away? Does he move away or move forward? These are the things that we look at and factor in to our training.

This type of training involves live sparring which some of the more traditional schools do not do. It is not enough to stand there and practice a technique with a partner that is totally cooperative. To be effective you must incorporate the struggle that may occur. We try to keep our training realistic and dynamic by making it faster and harder and more appropriate for the American warrior.

Secondly, we also put an heavy emphasis on physical conditioning today's modern ninja warrior should be not only proficient in the system of fighting but also be physically strong as well as emotionally disciplined and very powerful individual. Weight training and combat conditioning are some of the ways we train for optimum health and physical combat readiness.

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Due to the clandestine nature of Ninjitsu, most affiliate Dojo have elected not to appear on this page. However, a few remain open to the public.

Brotherhood of Triadic Arts; Shihan Michael "Kinjo" Robinson; Kaiso of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu;

Sensei Stephen Williams; Parts Unknown; 903-244-6690

Shodai Soke; Grand Master & Master Germán José Meléndez Pérez (Shu way; Ha way & Ri way) The antiterrorist secret: No abuse them of the public neither private benefits!

Sensei Daniel Sainty; P.O.Box 650, Bondi Dojo, Sydney, Australia Bondi Dojo

Black Dragon Society Germany e.V.; c/o Andreas Leffler; Postfach 71 06 47, 81456 Munich, Germany

Lancelotti Maurizio; street Campania n20, 84043 (sa) Agropoli, Italy

Johann Haywood; 13 Patrys Avenue, Kempton Park West 1620, South Africa

Sensei Harry Racine Aikido Dojo; 17 Caringa Street, Urangan, Queensland 4655, Australia

Aben Ozra E-Mail:


The Dojo found following this link teach a variety of Martial Arts, Shotokan, Goju, Aikido, Tang Soo Do, TaeKwonDo, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Military and Self-Defense Combatives. Neither YUDANSHA INTERNATIONAL nor DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts, nor any of their subsidiaries or agents assume any responsibility for the validity of these advertisements, nor the quality of instruction or service. This is a FREE service of DOJO-Academy of Martial Arts.

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